Space Challenge: Interactive Teaching Tool

Project “Space Challenge: Interactive Teaching Tool” is aimed to teach IT students the essential content of the space and space industry with new and creative teaching approaches in the multimedia environment. The project is implemented in cooperation with European Space Agency.
The project’s objective is to teach students the basics of space and space industry while keeping entertained using gamification and technologies
Activities of the project:
1) Development of correct scientific content about basics of space and space industry, which will be included into the application using text and multimedia
2) Development of application for space education using tablets that will include different tasks and goals, to make learning about space and space industry fun, comprehensible and motivational
3) Deployment and implementation of the application, including at least 2000 student education using innovative game-based tool, so that as many students as possible would be educated in basics of space and space industry
Project implementation period:
18 months
Total budget of the project:
50,000 EUR
Project partners: