About us

Science and technology museum Kurzeme Democentre is an interactive centre that offers active, entertaining, educational and interesting adventures to children, youth and others that are interested in learning more about world of technology.

The interactive centre was established in 2012 and its goal is to provide knowledge to visitors about technological products manufactured in Kurzeme, as well as to facilitate children and youth's interest in technologies with help of interactive exhibitions, creative workshops and other educational activities, which then can influence their choice of career in favour of engineering or natural sciences.

Kurzeme Democentre was established within the framework of Ventspils High Technology Park and this idea was realised thanks to funding from Latvian-Estonian cross-border cooperation programme project, the goal of which was to establish demonstration centres in Ventspils, Rīga and Tartu and unite them in a single network, thus promoting bigger audience with an access to various solutions of information and communication technology.

In 2014, Kurzeme Democentre was awarded with Science and Technology Museum status.